Strategy. Design. Creative Direction.

Ashtart is a research-based consultancy agency operating at the crossroads of Art, Design, Communication, Management, Digital innovation, Scientific Research and Marketing. Ashtart develops crossover and integrated sustainability projects in which Culture strengthens positioning strategies and enhances the impact of organizations.


Openness to diverse experiences and cutting-edge knowledge are our hallmarks. Through transversal research approach and careful examination of both technical and cultural aspects, we develop a holistic and coherent vision in line with stakeholders’ objectives.


We promote innovation through culture, strategy, and sustainability to create shared value. We believe that global challenges require collective action: our multidisciplinary team and strategic collaborations are key to developing high-impact projects.


Our Cultural Management Research Center focuses on the relationship between Business, Art, and Culture. Hidden-Hub is a catalyst for new ideas and a virtual space to develop crossover strategies and cooperation projects stimulating growth and competitiveness.

We foster innovation through targeted strategies.
We code narrative ecosystems.
We design purpose-driven visions.
We value the impact of sustainable organizations.

MADE Competence Center I4.0
Design / Strategy

#paradigmzero – Level 0 ArtVerona 2020/21
Arts & Culture / Storytelling / Communication

Design / Arts & Culture

By combining creativity with strategic, digital and scientific research, Ashtart Consultancy works at the crossroads of business and culture to generate long-term sustainability.


Our Observatory on the Contemporary brings together multidisciplinary voices of professionals and experts who address global issues to share innovative practices, methods and visions.