Strategy. Design. Creative Direction.

We are a consultancy Agency specialized in design and communication to offer diversified strategies and services for companies, foundations, and cultural organizations.


Openness to diverse experiences and cutting-edge knowledge are our hallmarks. Through transversal research approach and careful examination of both technical and cultural aspects, we develop a holistic and coherent vision in line with stakeholders’ objectives.


We promote innovation through culture, strategy, and sustainability to create shared value. We believe that global challenges require collective action: our multidisciplinary team and strategic collaborations are key to developing high-impact projects.


Our Cultural Management Research Center focuses on the relationship between Business, Art, and Culture. Hidden-Hub is a catalyst for new ideas and a virtual space to develop crossover strategies and cooperation projects stimulating growth and competitiveness.

We foster innovation through targeted strategies.
We code narrative ecosystems.
We design purpose-driven visions.
We value the impact of sustainable organizations.

MADE Competence Center I4.0
Design / Strategy

#paradigmzero – Level 0 ArtVerona 2020/21
Arts & Culture / Storytelling / Communication

Design / Arts & Culture

By combining creativity with strategic, digital and scientific research, Ashtart Consultancy works at the crossroads of business and culture to generate long-term sustainability.


Our Observatory on the Contemporary brings together multidisciplinary voices of professionals and experts who address global issues to share innovative practices, methods and visions.