We work at the crossroads of business and culture to establish long-term Sustainability. We are a catalyst for innovation combining creativity and cutting-edge methodology and research through high-standard processes.

We contribute to the transformation and growth of a sustainable and inclusive economic system by leveraging culture, design, and research to make a positive impact on people, communities, and the environment.

[ impact ] 

A hidden thread connects business and culture. People, relationships, management and expertise are our drivers to create shared value.

An observatory on the contemporary represents our common benefit. It is a research hub supporting projects by different individuals which contributes to innovation and research through the construction of innovative paradigms

[ method ] 

Our methodology specializes in Corporate Culture and articulates its project into 4 sections and 12 themes, which are combined according to the objectives.

The organization’s DNA lies at the core of our work, acting as the driving power of design and strategy. 12 catalysts of approach and innovation gravitates towards this core. They are combined according to the development process of specific identity.

[ services ]

Our services are highly diversified to maximize the scope of activities and the effectiveness of strategies.

We are active on several levels. We define tailor-made paths and personalized coaching. We work in synergy to identify needs, methodologies, and strategic tools.


Our Observatory on the Contemporary brings together multidisciplinary voices of professionals and experts who address global issues to share innovative practices, methods and visions.