The impact revolution.

Environmental, Social and Governance issues should be a priority for Boards and Managements.
Entrepreneurs, companies, institutions and cultural organisations must take account of their results in a systematic way. Enhancing, engaging and expanding their actions through innovative digital tools and immersive, interactive experiences has become the priority. This is why we inject creativity in the business logic. And we bring innovation to the culture through an entrepreneurial vision.

Expertise focus

The process of alignment with international standards presupposes targeted actions.
Data collection, stakeholder analysis and engagement, brand strategy, strategic planning and sustainability reporting. From the planning phase to the monitoring of the results, from the definition of the targets to the involvement of the community, we generate positive impact through strategic partnerships.

Our clients


Insight & Research

The constant process of research and analysis of the organisation’s internal and external context is the first essential step in our approach to strategic planning and implementation.
We define the objectives, we draw up and define the methodological analysis using a
strategic approach.


Openness to diverse experiences and highly specialised knowledge are our hallmarks.
Through crossover research and an in-depth examination of the technical aspects of positioning, we draw up a holistic, coherent vision that is perfectly aligned with the client’s objectives.

Planning & Reporting

Sustainability, social innovation and governance. The “profit with purpose” concept is an essential asset for companies and institutions: the profitability goals can be combined with a broader vision that sees social benefit as the reinforcement of the financial performance.


  • Research & Data Analysis
  • Strategy & Development

  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • CSR Report
  • Sustainability Report
  • Impact Assessment
  • Theory of Change
  • Integrated Reporting

  • Project Management

Identity & Heritage

We analyse and enhance the organisation’s identity, its vision and philosophy, constructing a coherent positioning through storytelling and design thinking.

Content Strategy

Leadership, activity and commitment: we build content strategies that engages the various key target audiences. Starting from an effective communication concept, we implement targeted campaigns in various channels combining creativity, narration and digital technologies.

Digital Innovation

Technology and human centric design: we believe in the convergence between datatech and the human touch. We identify the trends and the most suitable digital instruments. We involve the most innovative partners in order to guarantee communication consistent with the
marketing goals.


  • Branding & Visual Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Brand Journalism & Editorial Projects
  • Social Media & Community Management
  • Heritage Development & Storytelling
  • Digital PR & Press Office
  • Video Marketing & Video Production

Backbone Organization

Culture generates value for business. Business is culture. The result is the creation of shared value, both social and economic. We monitor the opportunities, we identify common objectives, we intercept possible partnerships. Our role is to act as a catalyst of ideas and resources in planning long-term synergies from the perspective of innovation.

Strategic Philantropy

From patronage to strategic partnerships. We believe that a broad vision of long-term impact can constitute the starting point for projects of value. We help cultural institutions undertake innovative co-production projects, supporting them in finding the financial resources to ensure the integrity of their cultural decisions.

Audience Engagement

We devise strategies and actions aimed at involving different public clusters on several levels. Thanks to long-established expertise in profiling the various target groups in the cultural sphere, we have developed a system for monitoring and assessing the level of involvement of the users with specific parameters for online and offline activities.


  • Strategic Philanthropy
  • Partnership / Digital Engagement Strategy

  • Sponsoring / Special Projects

  • Strategic Fundraising & Digital Fundraising
  • Corporate Fundraising

  • Arts and Cultural Management
  • Event Management 

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