Blast – estetiche della violenza tra immagine, video e documento
Arts & Culture, Communication, Design, Strategy

Blast by Urbs Picta is a research project that investigates the relationship between violence, document and public truth in an enlarged and participatory way through the use of video.


Blast is a research project on contemporary art launched in 2020 which uses video as a medium to document, research and rework narrative, addressing the concept of violence as a moral, social, political category and as a relative dimension.

Taking into consideration some of the current artistic trends, data and information from transversal areas, BLAST develops a shared reflection on different ways of perceiving, analyzing and representing episodes and dynamics of force, violence and power, both at the individual and collective level.

A metamorphosis of materials, a visual composition representing the incessant propagation of a wave: a creative concept that expresses the changing definition of contemporary Art.


Ashtart devised a brand design collateral project stemming from the concept of Blast, intended as “violence understood as a form of manipulation”. The notion has been reinterpreted through the graphic materialization of the propagation of a mechanical wave in a medium, be it solid, liquid or gaseous. Representing the propagation of a wave on grids composed of different elements, different geomorphic landscapes are returned; seismic maps and volumes manipulated and deformed by an external force. Hence the fragmentation of the lettering, where each piece corresponds to a different activity: training, talks, exhibitions, partnerships and digital experiences. Bright green is the primary color combined with the minimalism of black and white. To further manipulate the pattern of each activity, the contrast of the material grids with the desaturated and opaque secondary palette creates a further deformation, an optical game in incessant movement.

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