Cramaro Group
Communication, Design, Storytelling, Strategy

Design and strategy for a holding company leader in the production of technological systems for the logistics and automotive sector.

Strategy, Positioning, Brand development, Digital Strategy

Cramaro Group is an international holding company producing cutting-edge tarpaulin systems, which are made to measure for customers and are developed to maximize the efficiency and safety of vehicles. Cramaro constantly works to offer its customers innovative and effective solutions, capable of meeting the highest standards.

Ashtart worked on the marketing strategy and positioning of this brand, aiming at three fundamental objectives to affirm the company’s leadership: brand awareness, digital architecture and community building.


Strengthening the visual identity and enhancing the power of the brand by boosting its resonance are the goals that have guided the development of the new Cramaro identity. Starting from the study of its distinctive features of the original brand, Ashtart has developed a full rebranding to emphasize the uniqueness and contemporaneity of visual languages.

The stylistic transition to flat design is in line with contemporary visual codes and distinguishes the brand through a compositional minimalism that restores clarity and communicative strength. The structure of the logo communicates leadership in the sector. It develops with a monochromatic font as a result of a process of simplification of lines, textures and color palettes. The primary color palette consists of dark blue to strengthen Cramaro’s leadership value combined with ice gray which contrasts and balances the blue, communicating elegance, reliability and harmony. The secondary color palette has five different colors: orange, yellow, blue, green and red. This combination affirms the elegance and power of the brand.

The photographic language of products is very clear. It is complemented by a palette which incorporates all primary colors of the brand. The Corporate storytelling focuses on the know-how and technology of Cramaro while enhancing the craftsmanship of a company whose strengths are the Made in Italy expertise, and quality of materials.

Clear goals and motivation. The Cramarois leadership and the strength of an international group are conveyed through the essential design.

Best in class

The digital platforms have been designed to strengthen the identity of the new brand and provide users with specific information and dedicated assistance according to the specificity of each market: a group corporate website to deepen the identity, history and value proposition, and vertical country sites for different markets, with interactive tools for in-depth analysis and direct interaction with the company.  →  →  →  →