Dynamis – Workshop sul contemporaneo
Arts & Culture, Communication, Design, Storytelling, Strategy, Creative direction

A contemporary Workshop to explore high-impact actions in the fields of Sustainable Development, Art and Culture and Digital Innovation.

Partnership system

Dedicated to young people and institutions, Dynamis is a multi-stakeholder project aiming at instigating skill-exchange processes between businesses and the Cultural sector. Students and young professionals are prompted to put into practice their skills by collaborating with companies and businesses of the Cultural Management sector, through the development of their projects, as part of the sections: Dynamis x Culture, Photography, Design, and Contemporary Art.

Strategy, planning, network development

The initiative is aimed at developing projects whose planning is in line with the 2030 SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals –, seeking to combine the theoretical and practical aspects of Management and Cultural communication. Following on from the post-Covid policies, Dynamis aims at creating synergistic connections between young professionals and high-profile institutions. A goal of this synergy is to contribute research, developmental and design activities to the fields of Visual Design, Contemporary Art, Editorial Editing, Curating and Art Market, IT and Programming, Impact and Sustainability, Content Editing and Communication Strategy, Digital Storytelling and Corporate Communication.