Fondazione Arena –
Verona capitale Internazionale dell’Opera
Arts & Culture, Strategy

Cultural strategy and territorial marketing for one of the main Italian opera-symphonic foundations.


Verona International Capital of Opera is a project by the Arena di Verona Foundation, in collaboration with the Municipality of Verona. It aims at strengthening the cultural role of Verona through a widespread ecosystem of integrated activities communicating the multifaceted charm of the opera tradition and enhancing the role of the city as absolute leader in spreading the culture of melodrama.


Territorial marketing

Ashtart worked on a three-year project, aimed at enhancing an initiative started in 2019, which has involved the public in innovative engagement experiences through a path articulated into progressive steps.

Urban marketing, guerrilla marketing, video installation, QR codes, flashmobs, photo booths, exhibitions and digital strategy are some of the main ingredients identified by Ashtart to actively involve people and promote audience development of the Fondazione Arena di Verona, bringing younger generations closer to the charm and liveliness of the Opera tradition. 

The project was articulated into a plan to enhance the production’s most iconic scenic entities, which are spread in the city and near its historic gates, through light installations, providing the public with moments of interaction and a full live experience; the transformation of Piazza Bra into a large open-air Foyer, concentrating most of the direct-engagement activities through a sound installation and a social led wall placed in the center of the square; the construction of an integrated communication plan that actively involved users in content-creation activities.


The Ashtart team conceived and supervised the quality of the project by developing all the operational and coordination tasks. 5 city areas, 3 lighting installations, 1 social wall, 1 widespread sound system and + 10k online users were involved in the project. Due to the Covid-19 emergency, the project has been partially downsized during its execution phase. However, on the occasion of the 2020 Arena season, new and interactive solutions have been devised to involve the public and to bring the value of culture and cultured music to the fore, involving tourists and citizens in a new experience of non-invasive collective enjoyment, inherent in the charm of the city.

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