Gaspari Foundation
Arts & Culture, Communication, Creative Direction, Design, Storytelling, Strategy

Corporate Identity, Positioning Strategy and Digital Communication for a Foundation working to promote the Arts and Culture sector, supporting young talents and the well-being of the social community.


Gaspari Foundation is a private foundation founded in 2018 which promotes the Arts and Culture sector, supports young talents and the well-being of the social community, empowering culture in all its forms. Culture, Youth, Charity are the ideas that inspire the actions of the founders Giuseppe and Nadia Gaspari.


The Ashtart team has created a strategic development plan aimed at increasing the reputation of the Foundation through its actions and giving substance to its inner values, contributing to a strong and clear positioning. The web platform was developed with a spirit of establishing an ecosystem that promotes talent and creativity as unique and irreplaceable values ​​for creating innovation and change. The brand design and the brand identity express the conjunction between passion and commitment of the founders, through a clear and identifying pictogram, where blue defines the body and dynamism of regular lines, like the imprimatur of a seal that is a witness to generations future. Photography is a storytelling that moves between the scenes of the theater, telling the charm of creativity and the strength of music, where young people are the protagonists in the historic concert halls of the city of Verona.


The content strategy mirrors the desire to transfer the belief that Art and Culture are the grounds of social development and the growth of people. A neutral but institutional and decisive tone of voice gives depth and universality to the ideas ​​expressed. This choice follows on from a fact: the voice of the Foundation is the voice of a constantly evolving community and society. The distinctive assets are translated into English to increase dissemination and communicate the identity of the Foundation in a unique way at an international level, testifying to the spirit of a reality which supports intersections of forms and expressions in synergy with its partners. In this regard, on the occasion of the charity event Piccola Serenata Notturna, Ashtart curated a Cahier where the musical experience was linked to a selection of poetic texts curated by the independent publishing house MilleGru, which has been promoting Poetry Therapy projects since 2009.

Primavera Music Season

Such a dynamic perspective is also reflected in the special Primavera Music Season in Verona project, and its plain and contemporary brand design, characterized by a pictogram which recalls the power of music and the battlements of the Castelvecchio bridge in Verona. Modernity and tradition are combined to enhance a varied cultural music festival which celebrates tradition as well as the avant-garde experimentalism of the twentieth century, facilitating new generations’ enjoyment of music through narrations, listening and prose interventions and a lively and dynamic social media strategy.

The image communicates the institutional and open soul of a Foundation that invests in young people and in the future. The contribution to social innovation is represented by the digital platform; an inclusive manifesto and a clear design, seeking to openly involve the community.