Communication, Strategy

Social Media Strategy & Management for JOB & Orienta, the School, Training and Work Orientation Fair.

Skills & Engagement

For thirty years JOB & Orienta has been the national reference point for intercepting and illustrating the main changes in the world of education and work, facilitating connections between institutions, operators and young people. During the fair, these entities are provided with unique opportunities to choose their training path and build their professional career.

The Ashtart team has built a social strategy, developing an editorial plan to intercepting the needs of different audiences. Content & Visual Strategy and community management have been conceived, developed and curated to convey an effective storytelling, using concepts and formats suitable for dialoguing with young people, families and operators together with the more institutional target relating to the worlds of education, and work.

The live coverage of the Salone, which took place on 25-27 November 2021, was articulated into activities and contents to engage the community through the digital medium.


On the occasion of the prestigious 30th edition of the Salone, the social strategy sought to give voice to the dynamic and young vocation of the Salone, refashioning its identity through dynamic formats and opportunities for in-depth analysis. Strengthening the event network meant further diversifying the tone of voice and the register according to the target audience.

Community building #unfoldthefuture

What’s your future skill?

The #unfoldthefuture engagement campaign actively involved young visitors through a digital project on the subject of skills that mapped the main ambitions and perspectives of the community participating in JOB & Orienta.

The event brings together professionals in the training, education and work sector, collaborating in a number of thematic paths aimed at a highly-participatory and interactive cultural program.