The impact of Art

Storytelling, Strategy, Sustainability

Research on contemporary Art and business strategies.

Cultural management, Business innovation, Sustainability

How can cultural institutions imagine a sustainable development path complying with changes brought about by the technological society? What is the role of museums, gallery owners, collectors and digital platforms in promoting and enhancing research and artistic production?

The volume “The impact of Art. Research on contemporary Art and business strategies”, edited and curated by Giulia Pordd and published by Post Media Books, outlines possible scenarios to restart the Art sector and the economy through the voice of 21 professionals and experts who have taken part in projects at the crossroads of Culture and Business.

The volume includes works by:

  • Giampaolo Paci, Paci Contemporary, Brescia;
  • Elisabetta Barisoni, Ca ‘Pesaro Museum, International Gallery of Modern Art;
  • Federica Minio, Morri Rossetti and Associates, Milan;
  • Giorgio Fasol, Agi Verona;
  • Sergio Buttiglieri, Sanlorenzo Spa – Yacht Division;
  • Riccardo Bisazza, Orsoni Venice 1888;
  • Valentina Spagnuolo, Art Forum Würth Capena, Rome;
  • Decio G.R. Carugati, Journalist, Historian and Design critic;
  • Paolo Giulierini, MANN – Naples National Archaeological Museum, Naples;
  • Lorenzo Uggeri, Kooness;
  • Nicola Maggi, Collection from Tiffany;
  • Luisa Catucci, Luisa Catucci Gallery, Berlin;
  • Claudio Bocci, Federculture;
  • Alberto Cavalli, Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship;
  • Luisella Molina, Spinola Banna Foundation for Art;
  • Paolo Fresu, Time in Jazz;
  • Nicola Tedeschi, Head of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility, Cattolica Assicurazioni Group;
  • Agostina Zwilling, Italian Felt Academy;
  • Mario Calderini, Full Professor, School of Management, Politecnico di Milano and Director of Tiresia Research Center for Impact Finance and Innovation;
  • Mauro Del Barba, Assobenefit;
  • Massimo Biava, Cardelli & Fontana Gallery;
  • Mirco Marchelli, Artist.