MADE Competence Center Industria 4.0


Strategy and Design for the MADE Competence Center Industry 4.0

Design Impact

A true factory of the future: beautiful, bright, digitized. An area ​​2,500 square meters large, of which approximately two thirds host 20 demonstrators, each specialized in a specific 4.0 technology. The remaining space is divided into training rooms, co-working spaces, open areas for meetings, lounge areas, an auditorium, spaces for events and offices.

Transparency and flexibility

The design project has devised a multifunctional and crossover space, created to meet the changing needs of companies for dialoguing and exchanging ideas, researching and experimenting in the field.

Design impact

Flexibility of spaces, transparency, synergies, crossing functions have been the key priorities of the design and layout strategy, which have been devised in parallel with the structural, technological, and engineering works of the center. The architectural solutions for connective areas and spaces have been conceived to serve specific and evolving functions, guaranteeing the coherence of the style and identity of MADE language, through the choice of furnishing, technologies, materials and accessories suitable for each area of ​​the center.

Modular, Evanescent, Compact. WAB defines the space hierarchy of the center

Welcome Area Break

The Welcome/reception area “WAB” (Welcome Area Break) was designed and built by incorporating access functions, video wall, storage area, bar and coffee area. It consists of two compact spaces connected by an upper horizontal element, which is evanescent, backlit and made of white painted perforated metal sheet. The area can be completely dismantled and relocated, to move all the technological elements of the center.  →

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