Marmomac 2022
Design, Creative Direction

Creative proposal for the 2022 campaign of Marmomac, the world’s leading trade fair dedicated to the entire stone production chain, from quarry to processed product, from technologies and machinery to tools.


The concept identifies representative keywords that find application in both directions below.

Each concept represents a pair that generates a semantic field of forces.

All proposals align with the interpenetration of the different themes, in a direction of synthesis and essentiality.

In this direction brand and claim complement and reinforce the identity of the event without the explicit reference to the word “stone,” used in previous campaigns.

Concept 1: An ever-evolving relationship

Marmomac is the manifold and catalyst where Stone, Design and Technology meet and interact to shape different relationships and different kinds of connection.


In physics, the force of attraction is the force exerted between two bodies when it urges one body toward the other-the force generated between electric charges or between different polarities of magnets. In complex systems, the force of attraction is the property of a body to be the locus of points in space toward which a system tends in the course of its time evolution.

The atmosphere is suspended and immaterial, almost metaphysical: invisible space and simultaneously a platform for triggering new creative evolutions. Raw material is shaped and transformed. A force of attraction between “opposite” poles that originates new relationships, aesthetic forms, innovations and transformations.

Marmomac is generator of forces of attraction gravitational field in which fluid experiences occur space of interactions in the making catalyst of events and encounters synergy that originates connections and relationships.


Matter, environment and technology develop a continuous relationship. Marble is transformed by entering into synergy with a fluid, immaterial and magnetic mesh.

The network (mesh) actively interacts with space and matter, activating an ever-evolving metamorphosis. This relationship is expressed in three different types of connections, in which marble is the common denominator.

The proposal is thus understood as a multi-subject integrated campaign. The mesh represents the strength of Marmomac: a catalyst of energy, a dimension of relationship, a space of encounter.

Concept 2: beauty as an attractive force

2022 is the year in which we celebrate the bicentenary of the death of Antonio Canova, an undisputed international reference that still testifies to the magnificence of marble as a material of beauty around the world.

Marmomac has a unique opportunity to link up with this international event to insert itself in a circuit of international relations, increase its visibility and extend its network.


Macro images depersonalize the concept of sculpture to bring attention to the raw material of marble, for which the event is an ambassador in the world.  The result is a composition of marble iconography and a constellation of tiles that also create a direct reference to the digital theme of pixels and innovation, for an image experience that uses contemporary codes.

#collectingbeauty becomes the digital engagement campaign to attract the public in attendance to the Fair.


A communication campaign that makes use of the details of marble to map an atlas of beauty, an abacus of variations in which marble is the lowest common denominator of the whole system. 

A platform that collects and engages diverse audiences through engagement actions aimed at expanding dialogue and relationship.