Performance iN Lighting
Communication, Creative direction, Strategy

Values, Competitiveness, Leadership and Social Innovation: strategic communication and Sustainability Reporting for an international Group which puts people at the center of its work.

Lighting, Design, Architecture

One of the International players in the lighting sector, the Performance iN Lighting Group embeds values, vision and business philosophy. It is a unique company in which product quality, application versatility, social responsibility work in sinergy to create a system where people are always in the center.

Corporate communication is at the service of the company’s social innovation and is characterized by an inclination to enhance what matters.

Corporate communication

Communicating the distinctiveness of the brand and its competitive advantage to architects, operators, contract managers and designers: this has been our challenge since 2017, when we have committed to developing a new way of communicating the company’s values.

Social media strategy

An effective content strategy to strengthen the brand’s presence on digital channels. Corporate, product, lifestyle, architectural references, collaborations with important designers, non-profit and anti organizations in support of lighting. Define channels, tools and actions for a community management conveying relevance and coherence. →