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Creative direction, Strategy, Sustainability

Social Innovation, Stakeholders Engagement, internal communication: employee experience dedicated to an international Group which puts people at the center of its work.

Wellness is human

Development of a strong storytelling to inaugurate a multi-year path aimed at spreading sustainability culture and knowledge of sustainable development goals across the company, through accessible and transparent contents and occasions for direct interactions with and between its different players. The dialogue was structured through an internal guerrilla marketing project. The project was based on some of the 2030 SDGs, which have been selected by the team after an annual path of workshops, interviews, questionnaires and shared planning activities. Ashtart has chosen a transparent and reliable tone to convey technical content in a simple and direct way.


The corporate involvement plan was also structured on the basis of the needs and expectations of the internal team (collected during the questionnaires and workshops), also taking into account the diversity of the groups within the company:

  • Direct involvement on corporate sustainability issues
  • Dedicated training and collaborative activities
  • Preparation of alternative communication channels
  • Establishment of an internal sustainability team within the company
  • Involvement of external ambassadors, spokespersons of common values
  • Involvement of partners and associations