Performance iN Lighting – Sustainability Plan
Design, Sustainability 
Sustainability consulting and strategic coordination for the concept, development and publication of the Sustainability Plan 2022-2024 for an international group with more than 550 employees and worldwide divisions.
Sustainability Plan
With a strong international presence and more than 40 years of history, the Sustainability Plan 2022-2024 represented the beginning of a path of long-term commitment by establishing a first measurement of the company’s environmental, social and governance performance.

The collaboration led to an initial disclosure of information in a comprehensive and effective report and has set the ground for starting a systematic engagement of corporate divisions and an ongoing sustainability performance monitoring.

Sustainability Plan 
Materiality analysis
Sustainability strategy 
Sustainability report
Stakeholder engagement
Ashtart ha affiancato Performance iN Lighting throughout each stage of the project:
  • Preliminary analysis and mapping of the sustainability scenario.
  • Training sessions tailored for top management on the main Italian and European directives, trends and international benchmarks in sustainability.
  • Collaborative Design Thinking workshops with top management and key corporate management to identify the most relevant internal culture, approaches, topics and Sustainable Development Goals.
  • 1:1 interviews to verify the departments’ needs, opportunities for growth and the current status of reporting on specific metrics. 
  • Internal and external surveys to assess awareness levels on sustainability, identify communication channels and prepare the materiality matrix based on topics of likely importance highlighted through the scenario analysis
  • In-depth focus groups on communication and reporting issues.
  • Planning of an internal stakeholder engagement strategy to identify long-term strategic goals selected from the Global Compact’s ‘SDGs for Business’ targets.
  • Internal communication and advocacy on sustainability through employee reserved channels ( in-house newsletter, Facebook group, printed papers, events).
  • Identification, in cooperation with the company, of an external group of ambassadors as representatives of selected SDGs and supporters of the company project. 
  • Design, implementation and coordination of internal employee activities.
  • Guerrilla marketing in company locations, surveys, interactive social walls, gadgets, workshops, team building events, workshops on sustainability issues (theatre, recycling workshops, yoga, environmental awareness, etc.).
  • Self-assessment and pre-assessment through the SDG Action Manager platform.
  • Listening to the internal staff’s expectations regarding the main sustainability objectives identified in the analysis and engagement phase. 
  • Survey on the Group’s long-term strategy and vision, stakeholder recommendations, strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Theory of change and value chain for the definition of the sustainability strategy.
  • Integration of materiality topics into the Sustainable Development Goals. 
  • Establishing objectives, KPIs and activities to be implemented in the short and medium term (2022-2023/2024).
  • Definition of an internal organisational chart dedicated to sustainability.
  • Sharing, discussion and design meetings for each step with the Board.
  • Collection of quantitative and qualitative data by referring to SDG Action Manager (integrated with BIA), a selection of metrics from GRIGlobal Reporting Initiative and integrating some indicators defined during the work on the “SDGs for Business” objectives identified by the Global Compact.
  • Data analysis, clustering and screening of useful metrics for 2021 reporting.
  • Data integration and evaluation according to the relevant impact areas of the sustainability strategy. 
  • Data evaluation with top management and reporting for each business area for the 2022-2024 Sustainability Plan.
Brand Identity
Corporate Storytelling
Editorial Project
Art Direction & Visual Design
Data storytelling & data viz
Communication & Editorial content
Sustainability Marketing
Definition of a distinctive identity and consistent ecosystem, organized by different levels of data accessibility and an easy comprehensive design of technical data through data visualisation. The internal and external communication structure of the Plan’s objectives is designed to enhance the strengths and to capitalize on Performance iN Lighting’s commitment, describing also the reporting process and workflows.


  • Brand Design concept in respect of the Group’s identity. Definition of a tailored image for the whole sustainability project.
  • Data storytelling for the easy understanding of the plan’s main contents.
  • Writing and specific editing of the document: definition of the content structure, copywriting and design to enhance and disseminate the distinctive content, in accordance with Performance iN Lighting’s identity.
  • Comprehensive editing & design to ensure a clear expression of information, consistency, transparency and top data readability, even tone of voice.
  • Communication kit for the launch of the Sustainability Plan.