Sustainability Art Kit -Take your time 12+1
Data visualization, Sustainability, Design, Strategy

A Data storytelling project in which Culture meets Sustainability. An inclusive publishing project at the crossroads of analog and digital. A research project for an annual heritage.

Culture and Sustainability through Data Visualization and Storytelling

12 Data visualization projects, one for each month, set at the intersection between literature, art, digital, architecture and performance. A research project on the Contemporary to identify and collect manifestations of the synergies that arise from the encounter of Nature, Art and Technology.

The data storytelling becomes a visual element and alphabet guiding to interpret each project, from its descriptive source to the graphic coding, enhancing the connections and aims.


Data narratives, legends, sources, digital interfaces and paper material support

The result is an interactive experience set at the crossroads of digital and analog, where the reader defines methods and degrees of interaction. It is a game of correspondences and a thematic constellation to map the synergy between Culture and Sustainability in a heterogeneous universe:


  • 12 data viz
  • 12 keywords
  • 12 cultural projects
  • 12 web pages
  • 12 fine limited edition cards

Data narrative and storytelling in an envelope

A data set was defined for each project, according to the elements to consider for each specific case. From the rhetorical figures of Zanzotto’s poetry to the chemical agents that interact in the life of a plant, from the types of seeds jealousy preserved on the Svalbard islands to the mosaic tiles of 7 golden columns created for the Venice Biennale, up to the App developed by Marina Abramovic. Data visualization is a story to be deciphered and a set of complex projects and diversified processes. The result is a unique and systematic project, which reports the complexity of artistic research and the many manifestations of the Contemporary through short, immediate, creative and free sequences.