WMF – Strategic Plan
Data Visualizaton

Conception, development and definition of the Data Storytelling project for the enhancement of the Strategic Plan

Data Visualization

The World Manufacturing Foundation 2020-2025 Strategic Plan has defined measurable objectives, tools, actions and KPIs in preparing a functional tool for identifying activities and involving stakeholders in the entire process.

Within the communication strategy of the Plan, one of the main development assets was the representation of data of interest relevant to the main stakeholders and the public of the Foundation:


  • Manufacturing scenario
  • Organizational Map
  • Audit & Analysis
  • Theory of change
  • Stakeholder engagement

Data Storytelling: telling your story through numbers

Valuing complex data to establish a narrative through numbers. An empathic storytelling that emphasizes the importance of people, results and the territory. A narrative that puts identity first, facilitating the understanding of information and acting as an effective communication tool.

Data Narrative

The Data Narrative operation involved various channels and touchpoints of the Foundation, making the most of the contents and returning a concrete navigation experience of the Strategic Plan.


  • Data Viz: representation of data with Foundation codes
  • Data storytelling: development of the graphic concept and functional tools for the visual story
  • Data Motion: data animation and development of video storytelling materials
  • Data interaction: development of a diversified digital communication project according to the stakeholders involved